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Wine Cellar temperature Control with Fogwing Eco App

Temperature monitoring

Wine storage is no easy game. It has its own challenges and repercussions. Do you know what’s crucial to wine storage that brings perfection into your glass? Well, it’s much about temperature and humidity within the wine barrels and winery premises, respectively. Wine is classified as a perishable good. It either spoils or ages to be identified exquisite with right temperature in wine cellars. Let’s explore solutions to wine cellar temperature control!

How cellar climate control helps to produce better wine?

As wine remains bottled in enclosed cellars, climate stability is essential for wine perfection. With the ability to monitor and control climate, fermentation of wine is traced closely that leaves no room for wine spoilage that assures enhanced quality. IoT based climate control system provides real-time temperature and humidity levels of wine cellars and makes it accessible to managers / owners who can according act to stabilize climate. IoT based humidity and temperature monitoring can be made a reality with Fogwing eco App. With Fogwing eco App uninterrupted wine cellar temperature control is achieved thereby aiding the produce of better quality wine.

How Fogwing eco App helps automate cellar climate monitoring?

Fogwing eco App is an environment monitoring app that facilitates managers / owners of winery with real-time temperature and humidity updates. Automation of climate cellar monitoring is a premier feature of Fogwing eco App that works on Fogwing IIoT platform. The sensor kit manages to capture real-time temperature, humidity and pressure levels of atmospheric air, while the eco App gives accessibility to view environment conditions, track reports of atmospheric levels, create standard temp, humidity and pressure that enable alerts function, sensor health conditions are updated and the room area bifurcation feature empowers detailed monitoring of each corner of wine cellars. These are some of the features that Fogwing eco App offers; along with its functioning, it advances automated maintenance by turning wine cellar monitoring into a smart wine cellar monitoring process. Get a birds view through the Fogwing eco App dashboard.

Fogwing eco App Dashboard view


Smart kit incentive

Fogwing eco App is coupled with its own smart kit. The smart kit is a combination of IoT environmental sensors necessary for environment monitoring. It is a holistic package as the App is made available along with necessary sensors that suit the purpose of environment monitoring for an assigned customer. These sensors are designed to capture temperature, humidity and pressure that are further processed and analysed in line with the set thresholds to intimate upon fluctuations. The smart kit serves as an incentive along with Fogwing eco App and cuts the trouble of finding the right sensors. Smart winery = Fogwing eco App + Smart kit.

Get yearly, monthly and weekly analytics of each wine cellar.

Stay informed always

Often, winery managers and owners fear travels and breaks as it distracts them from manual checking of air temperature, air moisture and air pressure within wine cellars. Well, Fogwing eco App solves this issue and reduces stress with climate maintenance in wine cellars with its automated alerts feature. Fogwing eco app’s automated alerts sync with set threshold limits and send emergency alerts to customers in case of variations in climate conditions within wine cellars and fermentation units. Travel is no longer a challenge with Fogwing eco App, in case of an emergency, you exactly know when to send your winery operators to ease the tense.

Set a threshold / Data rule and remain updated.

Why is Fogwing eco App the best investment for better wine?

Fogwing eco App is a one-time solution for all issues concerning climate monitoring in wine cellars. The App is constructed intelligently and is user friendly. The App works on cognitive and machine learning principles that omit the possibility of error in capturing real-time climate status. It serves the purpose of wine cellar temperature control by implementing IoT based humidity and temperature monitoring. Opting Fogwing eco App for your winery climate maintenance empowers you to stay connected to your business at all times. Therefore, it drives you to take the best decisions knowing existing conditions of wine in your cellars. It is an investment that assures progressive results.

Fogwing eco App extends its services to a variety of industries like that of the food storage and processing, cold storage, polyhouse / greenhouse, forensic labs, pharmaceutical labs, chemical labs, cement storage and so on. Due to an array of climate monitoring facilities, Fogwing eco App can be implemented in different scenarios where climate plays a crucial role.


Fogwing eco App is a masterpiece for those in need of climate monitoring solutions. It is a blend of technology and analytics that cater to solve immediate issues with climate monitoring. Get you package and experience wonders!

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