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Cement Storage Climate Monitoring: Fogwing eco App

Storage Climate Monitoring

Cement is an essential component that serves various purposes in the course of construction. It is a combination of different elements (calcium, silicon, iron, aluminium and others) that are composed by controlled chemical reactions. Therefore, it is important to store cements in appropriate condition to prevent cure. Simply put, cement storage climate monitoring is an essential aspect of cement storage. As a result, cement storage is a delicate play.

Cement components loses strength overtime and therefore requires utmost care to endure its durability. Air temperature, pressure and humidity are the primary sources that influence the strength trajectory of cement. Though spoilt cement can be revived with various processes, the investments double while revenues cut causing a depletion in demand and supply scales.

Why is climate condition control important in cement storage facilities?

Cement is categorized as perishable due to its hygroscopic nature. Hygroscopic refers to the ability of a substance to absorb moisture from air / surrounding environment. This quality of cement makes it vulnerable to spoilage and hinders its very purpose in construction. Frequent temperature and humidity fluctuations directly cause the cement packages absorb moisture that can harden the powder and weaken its properties making it a complete waste. With long procedures in the production of cement, when climate conditions are not stabilized in storage facilities, it causes monetary and material loss that troubles supply chain in the demand market. Therefore, climate conditions are to be monitored and maintained stable from time to time.

Can automated climate condition monitoring help in cement storage facilities?

Having known the importance of climate stability, monitoring of temperature and humidity is essential to sustain quality of cement in line with achieving maximum shelf life (approx. 3 months). As climate monitoring vastly impacts cement life / quality, monitoring climate conditions become inevitable. Manual monitoring is a tedious task that is accompanied with a higher risk rate of wrong estimates and misreporting as opposed to automated climate monitoring systems.

Automated climate monitoring mechanisms offer transparency and efficiency in reporting, accounting / maintaining indoor temperature and humidity conditions within cement storage facilities. Transparency and efficiency alongside analytical accuracy are assured features with automated climate monitoring as it works on principles of IoT, machine learning, data analysis and associated fields of automation technology. In addition, M2M communication is a feature automation. It omits the risk of misreporting and wrongful estimation that is otherwise inevitable with manual climate monitoring. Automated temperature and humidity monitoring makes e-checklists and e-records a reality.

How can Fogwing eco App facilitate automated climate monitoring?

Fogwing eco App is an IoT based temperature, humidity and pressure reading and analysing tool. It is engineered to automate climate monitoring processes for various purposes indoors as well as outdoors. Fogwing eco App typically serves to continuously monitor temperature, humidity and overall climate conditions in cement storage facilities with its deep learning principles alongside data engineering that automates the entire process of climate tracking / assessment and reporting. Fogwing eco App is a reliable and efficient temperature capturing and alerting system. It judiciously omits the manual trajectory of climate monitoring that often risks accuracy, transparency and efficiency. Here are some of the exclusive features of Fogwing eco App:


Fogwing eco App Dashboard.

Smart climate sensor kit – Fogwing eco App is designed to offer a holistic solution to climate monitoring and therefore embodies in entirety the requirements to host an automated solution. The smart climate sensor kit is an essential aspect of automation solutions that is provided as incentive with Fogwing eco App. This smart kit consists of sensors that capture temperature, humidity and pressure of a given environment. These sensors are assembled with a perfect blend to suit requirements of each customer through its customized option.

Automated alerting system – A premier feature of Fogwing eco App is its mechanisms that alert customers during climate fluctuations. Thresholds for each climate parameter is to be set. Then on when these limits are being reached or is at a critical fix, alerts are automatically sent to concerned operators to remain informed and arrange for immediate correction. Naturally, this feature keeps you updated with climate conditions of your cement storage premises and omits your travel worries.

Record and report climate history – Another feature that sets apart Fogwing eco App as a unique climate monitoring system is its ability to keep track of climate history. As opposed to manual monitoring where plenty of record sheets are to be maintained, Fogwing eco App translates to maintain e-records and enable printing these reports when needed. There is no stress of losing sheets and reports. Fogwing eco App empowers you to gather track records of air temperature, humidity and pressure and provide reports whenever required.


E-records, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Is Fogwing eco App a feasible solution to cement factories and storage providers in the task of climate monitoring?

With exclusive features of its own that brings automation in climate monitoring within cement storage facilities and factories, Fogwing eco App is a feasible investment. As a one-time investment solution to climate monitoring, it saves investment losses in cement spoilage that are caused with climate variations that go unnoticed. Fogwing eco App eradicates the mistakes that manual climate monitoring often cannot. Transparency, efficiency, accuracy, e-recording and reporting. Thereby, the entire climate maintenance is transformed to smart climate monitoring that assures accountability with every step. Cement storage process is made an easy task with Fogwing eco App that facilitates automation at its best.


Fogwing eco App is a wise choice that provides solution to staggering problems that often seem inevitable and impossible to solve. Fogwing eco App is a handy solution that works on IoT models that eases your challenges. It not only is applicable to climate monitoring in cement storage facilities but also extends its services to various areas such as, greenhouses, pharmaceutical labs, forensic labs, wineries, food storage spaces, chemical labs and so on. It is the just the technical solution and support required in climate monitoring and maintenance!

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