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Fogwing Eco App Kit includes the IoT Device, SIM Card for Cellular Network, Power adapter for plugin. The IoT Device includes temperature, humidity and air pressure sensor with inbuilt battery for power backup. The entire kit would be preconfigured to work with your Eco App account.
The additional kit cost will vary depending on the kit type (either cellular network or LoRaWAN network) and volume of the order. If you have want to place more than 10 kits, please reach our team
The dedicated model includes separately hosted cloud environment which can handle up to 100 devices / users to start with. If you exceed beyond 100 devices deployment then you can add additional instances at the per instance pricing.

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Are you an Enterprise Organization? Need Dedicated Instances?

As a global Industrial IoT Provider, We understand the Enterprise needs and compliance policies. That’s why we are offering highly secure dedicated environment for Enterprise Customers.  If you are interested to explore further, please call us!

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