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Operate Intelligently to Optimize Production Efficiency.

As a manufacturer, your key to a successful business is to stay informed of your Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at realtime. Knowing your machines and its health at realtime strengthen you to drive crucial decisions in the best manners for operational efficiency. Inevitably, your need to learn of your manufacturing machines is obligatory to triumph. The latest Digital Manufacturing or Connected Factory solution is to knowing your machines and managing production leading industries to witness a new phase of revolution; version 4.0. Fogwing IIoT based Digital Manufacturing Solution is a key go gain realtime OEE.


Sustainable Production Cycle

We’ve explored manufacturing production cycle to provide the best solutions you need. We help you experience accuracy in sustaining production cycles that cater to feature your Success. Hop in and explore!

We solve Manufacturing Challenges!

Machinery Predictive Maintenance

The key to optimize production and measure machine capacity levels rests upon the operational efficiency of your firm. Optimizing operational efficiency is much easier than ever! You have our Fogwing Industrial IoT platform that predicts machinery health and brings it to notice through applications that work on principles of machine learning and system integrations. Accurate operations within the firm equals right inspection of data and perfect corporate moves!



Manufacturing Process Visibility

From raw materials to finished products, there exists a chain of processes; optimizing the production means sustaining transparency at each phase. Accountability arises out of transparency in each phase that enables work expansion and escalates standards of production. Fogwing IIoT platform facilitates data collection at every stage that is consolidated after analysis and compared with history to predict process efficiency and induce transparency that paves way for your success.



Risk Safety Analysis

In the manufacturing industry, risks are prone to happen due to various machinery that function on high voltage, heat, pressure, humidity and so on. Sensors that are part of Fogwing solutions operate to measure, analyze, detect and predict vulnerable conditions through predictive analytics methods that help you act before any damage and loss. This way you can digitally access and automate prevention measures along with certifying safety compliance.



Fogwing IIoT for Manufacturing Optimization

What we deliver?

We deliver an end-to-end connected factory solution to your manufacturing shop floors. We help you look beyond practical problems via our Fogwing IIoT platform and Operational Intelligence. We strive to solve your manufacturing challenges with effective monitoring solutions.

Why us?

One stop cognitive platform. Locate our blend of emerging wireless technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and SCADA Integration that drives smart decisions and innovation to make your business to echelons of success. All you need to do is just contact us.



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