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Asset Health Management

Aggregate machine health and utilization data from your machines at realtime to analyze machine condition and efficiency. Predict and prevent machine failures.
Condition Monitoring

Machine Monitoring in just 3 Simple Steps

Buy Subscription

Reach to us to create your account within our cloud setup and establish your Asset Condition Monitoring.

Connect Gateways

Configure to connect with assets to capture requirement data points at real-time for metrics.

Get Machine Metrics

Start tracking device health, utilization, energy, performance metrics from anywhere. Anytime.

AI powered Asset Health Monitoring

Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive IoT solution that provides Asset Health Management Solution to connect, collect usage, condition and energy consumption data from machines and equipment through sensors. It allows real-time access to these machine functions and supports monitoring and diagnostics. The Artificial Intelligence powered Anomaly detection helps to identify the extreme conditions and take proactive decisions faster. 

The following key features are provided by Fogwing Asset+ Platform.

  1. Web and Tablet App. 
  2. Custom Dashboard
  3. User Defined Machine Metrics.
  4. Comparative Analysis
  5. Anomaly Detection
  6. Maintenance Registry
  7. Maintenance Prediction
  8. Rule based Alerts
  9. Guest Access
  10. Access to Fogwing IIoT.

Fogwing Asset+ bundled package comes with industrial grade IoT Gateway, Cloud subscription, Tablet App and implementation support services. The digital adoption is simplified.  

Bundled Offer for Rapid Results.

subscription software

Cloud hosted Manufacturing Intelligence Software as a Service. No upfront investment . Low operational expenses.

Mobility Interface

Accessible in Desktop and Mobile from anywhere. No installation or configuration required. No HMI required.

Industrial IoT Integration

Prebuilt integration with Fogwing IIoT Platform. Just connect any equipment and start tracking the performance.

customer Support

Personalized Demo, Documentation and Training programs to support. 12x5 operational support services.

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Fogwing Asset+ Asset Condition Monitoring Solution

Asset Health Management Solution for Small and Medium Business. Start Today.


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