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Fogwing Eco

Business Environment Air Quality Monitoring is Automated!

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Air Quality Monitoring Solution!

Industries need quick and easy solutions to monitor their manufacturing and working environment’s air quality condition for safety compliances.  With growing threat of Airborne infections, air quality monitoring is super critical for business continuity and workforce productivity. Fogwing Eco is the all-in-one air quality monitoring solution.  Simply Buy, plugin and start monitoring.


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Make your environment as infections FREE!
Protect your workforce!

Fogwing Eco air quality sensors helps to protect healthy and productive workplace!  Increase Your Business Continuity!


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Comprehensive 7-in-1 Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Advanced Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Available in 5-in-1 Sensor for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (AQI) and 7-in-1 Sensor for both Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution Monitoring (APM) to detect the air pollution and infectious matters in the outdoor air.

Fogwing kit monitors various particles from air such as CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals (TVOC, CH2O), dust pollutions (PM1.0, PM2.5) and more.

Fogwing eco kit works in both Wifi and Cellular network automatically depending on the network availability.

Comprehensive Dashboard View

The environment app dashboard displays the preferred location parameters according to users preferences on the custom dashboard. The trend and spikes can also be visualized in the trend charts according to user preference and metrics.

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Quick View of Data

The Quick View of Data from across all devices could help to pick and choose the device to monitor the various parameters of each eco device. Drill down into each parameters to analyze the trends more detail.

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Trend Analytics

Trend Analysis is the most common functions that business leaders required for strategic decision making on workplace environments. The workplace safety and climate condition monitoring are key actions easy by the metrics created by eco App.

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Set your own Rules & Alerts

Every environment required different level of climate; You need better control in setting the required rules to trigger the alerts when the temperature, humidity and CO2 varies. Set your rules and trigger alerts.

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Data Explorer and Custom Metrics

History of climate data provides deeper view of trend analysis as specific period. The data explorer helps users to explore the data at different date range to query and present in the meaningful metrics.

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All-in-One Environment Monitoring Solution!

Buy,  plug-in,  get Air Quality data and alerts instantly!




per Kit
Air Quality Monitoring
Web Dashboard for 2 Years
Email Alerts
Analytical Reports
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User Management
Fogwing AQM Kit
WiFi and 2G Network
Suitable for Indoor
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Dedicated Instance
Device Management
White labeling
Dedicated Cloud Hosting
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Discounted Eco Kit Pricing
Upto 1000 Devices
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Frequently Asked Questions


The Fogwing eco App package includes IoT enabled climate monitoring device, Fogwing eco App Cloud service subscription for 2 years period as single unit package. If you want to monitor more than one location, you can add additional climate monitoring devices alone as per your needs. The Fogwing eco App Cloud services is the common services for all devices. To learn more call us today.
We provide all-in-one as package offerings. In order to monitor the environment’s climate condition, you need IoT enabled sensors to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure along with wireless connection, cloud storage etc. We bundle all of them as all-in-one package with a simple guide to set on your own.
Fogwing Eco supports to monitoring both indoor and outdoor air quality. The Essentials package include both AQM device and software bundled for indoor air quality monitoring.  Advanced package is suitable for outdoor air quality monitoring. Both package comes with Wifi and GSM Network support.
There are 2 types of Fogwing Kit is available. AQM Kit measures the Air Temp, Humidity and Pressure Data. AQM Kit measures Air Temp, Humidity, CO2 (Carbon dioxide), TVOC (total volatile organic compounds), HCHO (Formaldehyde) Data.  Fogwing APM Kit includes all Air Quality Monitoring features along with pollution monitoring PM1.0 and PM2.5 sensors.
The additional kit cost will vary depending on the kit type (either cellular network or LoRaWAN network) and volume of the order. If you have want to place more than 10 kits, please reach our team fogwing@factana.com)
The dedicated model includes separately hosted cloud environment which can handle up to 1000 devices / users to start with. If you exceed beyond 1000 devices deployment then you can add additional instances at the per instance pricing.



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