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Air Quality Monitoring Solution!

Industries need quick and easy solutions to monitor their manufacturing and working environment’s air quality condition for safety compliances.  With growing threat of Airborne infections, air quality monitoring is super critical for business continuity and workforce productivity. Fogwing Eco is the all-in-one air quality monitoring solution.  Simply Buy, plugin and start monitoring.

Fogwing Environment Monitoring

Make your environment as infections FREE!
Protect your workforce!

Fogwing Eco air quality sensors helps to protect healthy and productive workplace!  Increase Your Business Continuity!


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Comprehensive 7-in-1 Air Quality Monitoring Solution

Advanced Air Quality Monitoring Kit

Available in 5-in-1 Sensor for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring (AQI) and 7-in-1 Sensor for both Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution Monitoring (APM) to detect the air pollution and infectious matters in the outdoor air.

Fogwing kit monitors various particles from air such as CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals (TVOC, CH2O), dust pollutions (PM1.0, PM2.5) and more.

Fogwing eco kit works in both Wifi and Cellular network automatically depending on the network availability.

Location based Climate Tracking

Either you need to track the climate condition of cold storage or cold logistics, location based climate tracking is the most demanding way to understand the climate condition at real-time and act on the resolution if any failure. The simplest way to have visibility across all locations.  Talk to us today to learn more!

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Periodic Metrics Report

Apart from realtime climate monitoring and location tracking, keep recording the readings for historic verification is part of good practice to plan the future. Inbuilt periodic metrics provides options to generate reports for weekly and monthly period to file compliances reports.

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On-Demand Report Generation

On-demand report generation are most common functions that business leaders required for strategic decision making. The demand forecasting and logistics planning are key actions easy by the metrics created by eco App.

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Set your own Rules & Alerts

Every environment required different level of climate; You need better control in setting the required rules to trigger the alerts when the temperature, humidity and air pressure varies. Set your rules and trigger alerts.

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Monitor Device Health

The Device performance is important to measure the climate conditions, health of the remote devices are critical to watch. Fogwing eco dashboard provides inbuilt device health monitoring features to keep track of the sensors life.

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How does this application work?

We provide all-in-one as package offerings.

In order to monitor the environment’s climate condition, you need IoT enabled sensors to measure temperature, humidity and air pressure along with wireless connection, cloud storage etc. We bundle all of them as all-in-one package with simple guide to set on your own.

What are included in the Fogwing eco App package?

The Fogwing eco App package includes IoT enabled climate monitoring device, Fogwing eco App Cloud service subscription for 2 years period as single unit package. If you want to monitor more than one location, you can add additional climate monitoring devices alone as per your needs. The Fogwing eco App Cloud services is the common services for all devices. To learn more call us today.




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